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Primitive Swan
(Berries Not included)
Measures 15" x 12.5"
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Primitive Decor
primitive decor
Country Primitive Swan Goose Mantel Decor
Primitive Decor
Primitive Swan with bent neck.
Measures 15" L x 9 1/2" H
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Primitive Tin Sponge Holder
Storage on back and front
7"x 7"x 5"
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Primitive Swan Goose with bent neck Primitive Decor
Loving Goose Swan Couple
8 3/4" tall x 14" wide
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Primitive This n That Pail with Handle
Measures 6" x 8"
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primitive swan geese couple
Small Primitive Resin Swan Couple
Tall Swan approx 5 1/2 "T x 3" W 7 1/2"L
Small Swan approx 4 1/2" T 3" W x 7 1/2"L
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Primitive Soap Tin Holder
9 1/2" wide
Soap NOT included
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primitive black swan couple
Small Primitive Resin Black Swan Couple
Tall Swan is approx 5" T x 3" W 6"L
Small Swan is approx 4 "T 3" W x 6" L
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Primitive wooden goose.
Measures 12" L x 7" H
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Primitive Country Living Pitcher
10 1/2" tall
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Primitive Spices Tin Holder
8" wide 5' tall
Country Primitive Saltbox House
Metal Candle Lantern
9 1/2" Tall x 6.5" Wide
Farmhouse Cotton Candle Ring
4"inside diam.
Farmhouse Primitie Chalkboard on Stand
Farmhouse Chalkboard On Stand
9 1/2" tall x 8 1/2" Wide
Includes Chalk!
Farmhouse Tin Utensils Bucket
Primitive Farmhouse Utensils
6" tall x 5 1/4"
Farmhouse Cotton Candle Ring
Large Rustic Primitive
Farmhouse Windmill Wall Clock
38.375"w x 38.375"h
Rustic Farmhouse Windmill Wall Clock
Set of 2 Galvanized Farmhouse Wall Shelves
Set of 2 Rustic Primitive Farmhouse
Galvanized Shelves
Large= 31.25'' W x 6'' D x 9.25'' H
Small= 27" W x 6" D x 8"H
Primitive Country Living Buckets, Primitive Decor, Farmhouse Decor
Primitive Country Living Buckets
w Handles
Set of 3 Graduating Sizes
Primitive Galvanized Bath Tin w Handles.
Contents NOT included
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Farmhouse Sign Blessed
Farmhouse Sign / Blessed
Framed in White
16" wide 8" tall
Primitive Farmhouse Sign Friends Gather Here
Farmhouse Sign / Friends Gather Here
Framed in Grey
12" Square
Primitive Saltbox House Candle Lantern
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